‘Get Out’ and Jordan Peele make history!

All we do is WIN, WIN, WIN no matter what! The newest win in the mix is Jordan Peele’s thriller ‘Get Out’ which just crossed the 100 million-dollar mark at the box office.

Surprise, surprise! The weekend brought MAJOR numbers for Peele, which raked in over

$100 million in 16 days! Jordan Peele’s directorial debut has everyone talking – and running to the box office to see it. Make sure you go see this movie starring Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Lil Rel Howery, and LaKeith Stanfield.

A blend of horror and satire, ‘Get Out’ was produced by Blumhouse Productions, and has beat a few other movies in this category with larger numbers and a quick turnaround. The movie only cost $4.5 million to make, so Jordan’s pockets are quite fat right now. Adding to the excitement, Jordan Peele is the FIRST black writer-director to earn $100 million on a debut movie.

According to Jordan…

There’s more in store from this comedian-writer-director. If this first movie is any indication, Hollywood had better make room, quick! Follow him on Twitter @jordanpeele.

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