A Principal’s New Job Quickly Goes Bad

New principal Amy Robertson finds out the hard way that students have access to way more than they used to. The new hire of Pittsburg High School in southeastern Kansas didn’t even have time to get settled in.

When her hire was announced, a group of six student journalists researched Principal Robertson to learn more. What they found was more than surprising.

First, her education had discrepancies. Although Robertson touted having a master’s and doctorate degree from Corllins University, there was no information on the university, or it being accredited. The website did not work, and her credentials could not be verified.

Things just didn’t add up

As the investigation continued, the students shed light on a few additional issues, which led to an article being published in the school’s newspaper. Although Robertson’s official start date was March 6th, ,she resigned as of April 4.

This story gained national attention for the students and school newspaper, who had been advised to stop investigating. With the blessing of the superintendent, the students uncovered that Corllins University was actually a diploma mill, and people could purchase a degree, diploma or certificates. It is not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, and is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Time for a new principal

Pittsburg Community Schools accepted Principal Robertson’s resignation, and released a statement. “In light of the issues that arose, Dr. Robertson felt it was in the best interest of the district to resign her position. The Board has agreed to accept her resignation.”

Robertson previously worked as CEO of Atticus I S Consultants in Dubai, where she lived for over 20 years. What drew the attention of the student journalists was the inconsistencies in her responses, conflicting dates and incomplete answers during a conference call.

In an emergency faculty meeting that took place after the article was published, Robertson couldn’t produce a transcript of her undergraduate degree from the University of Tulsa. After the local news released the story,  national journalists congratulated the students for their work.

This shows that when students have the will and determination to get something done, they can. Good job!


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